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We modernize your business through the survey and adaptation of the following concepts and technologies:

Detection and response of computer security incidents through Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Protect your endpoints, servers, networks, and cloud architecture through our services managed by experts in computer security.

We detect

The threat thanks to the ability to automatically collect and correlate data from different layers of security, including endpoint data, cloud data, and network data.

We mitigate and remediate

All threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities quickly thanks to the management and administration capabilities of the technology we use.

We investigate

And understand the root cause to avoid similar problems in the future, and suggest and/or adapt your security based on the information obtained.

Migration and adaptation of your business application to the cloud

Why modernize a legacy application?

Adapting a business application and process to the cloud is beneficial due to its scalability, resilience, and flexibility.

It is not necessary to completely replace a legacy application, but rather make some interventions to make it more competitive and take advantage of the benefits of cloud architecture.

Modernization is an iterative process that adapts to the customer’s needs and focuses on gradually introducing the benefits of the cloud-native approach to reduce wasted work and accelerate time-to-market. That’s why at Armun, we have expert consultants who will advise you on what you need.

This allows to avoid wasting resources

Venturing into a complete reconstruction of an application or service that is already in operation can be risky. The advantages of the cloud-native approach can be gradually implemented in your already functioning application, thanks to defined and focused steps.

New life for your legacy application

Your application or service, thanks to this type of operation, can emerge from obsolescence and become competitive again in the current market, thanks to the scalability and resilience offered by the cloud-native approach.

Reduce management costs

Legacy applications often come with significant costs related to their management and maintenance of their on-premises infrastructure. With the appropriate resources, a modernization process can quickly reduce those costs.

The Motivation

Application modernization involves taking a path that leads to adopting the native cloud approach, benefiting from its great advantages: scalability, resilience, and flexibility. This path does not necessarily have to be a sudden break from existing processes. The right strategy can ensure an efficient and seamless migration.


In fact, not all legacy applications or services need to be completely replaced. Often, a few focused interventions are enough to bring a product back to competitiveness and start benefiting from the advantages of cloud infrastructure.


Application modernization is an iterative process that allows you to adopt the native cloud approach for your application step by step and following a path tailored to your needs and goals, minimizing waste of work already done and time to market.

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